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ExpressAI: Overview

ExpressAI is an AI-powered platform offering personalized messaging tailored for recruitment. It's designed for recruiters, hiring managers, early stage founders, businesses, and more, to streamline the hiring process. By leveraging AI, users can craft persuasive, tailored messages, attracting high-quality candidates through LinkedIn.

Detailed Description:

ExpressAI is a Chrome extension that transforms the recruitment landscape by allowing simple personalized outreach on LinkedIn. The system automatically crafts AI-powered messages for recruiters, helping them stand out amidst competition. By extracting relevant data from candidates' LinkedIn profiles, ExpressAI ensures a seamless and integrated recruitment workflow.

Founder’s Experience:

The creator of ExpressAI felt the challenges of hiring founding engineers firsthand. Traditional postings on LinkedIn and AngelList brought few quality applicants, the real success came from personalized cold outreach. However, this method, while effective, was time-consuming. This reflection of how difficult hiring is for early stage founders led to the conceptualization of ExpressAI, which combines the potency of large language models for outreach message personalization.

How It Works:

Target Audience:

ExpressAI is aimed at startup founders, hiring managers, heads of talent, recruiting managers, hiring specialists, and any professional involved in the hiring process.

Sign Up and Availability:

For those interested in experiencing AI-empowered personalized messaging for recruitment, ExpressAI is available as a Chrome extension. Visit to get started and attract top talent.